Preferred Underwriting: High Limit Umbrella Liability Program


Over $150 million of umbrella liability coverage for real estate

We are real estate experts with a longstanding track record for powerful, flexible coverage. Our High Limit Umbrella Liability Program offers over $150 million in broad umbrella liability coverage for a broad range of real estate and hospitality risks. As industry specialists, we’re not just bigger. We’re better. Ask us about per location aggregates and dedicated limits. Bring us your mixed-use buildings and large schedules. We can write it all!

Target Classes: Commercial, Habitational, and Mixed-Use Schedules

Commercial Real Estate (LRO)



  • Office buildings
  • Retail
  • Shopping centers
  • Warehouse
  • Enclosed malls
  • Strip malls
  • Light industrial
  • Condos
  • Co-ops
  • HOAs
  • Luxury apartments
  • High Rise apartments
  • Garden-style apartments



Multiple Limit Options Over $100 Million

  • $10 million
  • $25 million
  • $50 million
  • $100 million
  • $160 million

Program Highlights

  • A++ lead carrier
  • Admitted paper up to $160 million
  • Broad and contemporary coverage/ A/B Form
  • Pollution exemption for hostile fire and building equipment as well as other named perils
  • We can cover owner’s interest in specific construction projects subject to underwriting
  • We can consider mixed-use schedules on the same policy 
  • Crisis assistant endorsement 
  • Low minimum premiums
  • No lead exclusion for qualified risks 
  • No shared limits
  • Per location aggregates


We Can Schedule

  • Not-for-profit D&O for condos/co-ops/HOAs subject to underwriting, up to $50 million


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Umbrella Liability


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