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What do a not-for-profit organization’s employees, volunteers and members have in common? They are all more likely than ever to sue their organization and the organization’s management. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the number of claims brought by employees alone–alleging discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and other employment practices violations–has risen nearly fifty percent in recent years. Also rising fast are the standards courts hold organizations to when judging employment practices liability: For example, organizations are now often held strictly accountable for wrongful acts of managers who violate employment practice laws.
Not-for-profits can address this exposure with sound insurance protection, but this protection should be specially designed to address the unique types of claims to which not-for-profits are most vulnerable. A proactive loss prevention strategy is essential as well–as is the ability to properly manage sensitive claims that do occur in order to safeguard the organization’s reputation as well as its financial viability. An optimal risk management solution combines all of these elements … and is cost-effective as well.
Customer Profile:

  • Not-for-profit organizations

Features may include:

  • Broad definition of Insured, including: Organizations, Directors, Officers, Employees, Committee Members, Volunteers, Faculty Members and Department Heads

  • Broad employment practices liability coverage available

  • Non-employment discrimination coverage – covers discrimination and sexual harassment claims brought by third parties (e.g. students, patients), whether brought individually or as a class, subject to underwriting eligibility requirements.

  • Broad definitions of Wrongful Acts, including: Employment practices claims; copyright or trademark infringement claims, anti-trust claims, plagiarism claims, third party (non-employment discrimination) claims

  • Optional Duty to Defend (Insured has the choice of controlling defense or giving Insurer the Duty to Defend)

  • Various retention waivers available

  • Options for automatic for-profit subsidiary coverage

  • Coverage for multiple damage awards under the ADA and Equal Pay Act may be endorsed subject to availability

  • Punitive or exemplary damages coverage available

  • Coverage for back pay and front pay available

  • Pre-judgment and post-judgment interest coverage

  • Optional Discovery Periods

  • Optional Spousal Extension coverage

  • Worldwide coverage available

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