Elite Partners Insurance Captive


Elite Partners Insurance Captive (EPIC) is designed for best-in-class companies who want to reduce their overall cost of insurance through effective risk management. Because membership in EPIC is not limited to a single industry, risk is diffused across a broader base, insulating the group from financial risk that typically befalls industry captives that risk by industry type. A commitment to safety and sound risk management practices is required in EPIC. The goal of EPIC is to reduce long-term costs while protecting resources and, most importantly, profits. By bringing preferred companies together into a shared alternative risk vehicle, EPIC benefits individual clients by offering control of insurance costs and participation in underwriting profits that are currently being retained by the insurance company.

Examples of Eligible Accounts

• Retail Chains

• Distributors

• Grocery Stores

• Food & Dairy Processors

• Bottlers and Beverage Distributors

• Light Manufacturing (with low hazard products exposure)

• Restaurant & Fast Food Chains

• Warehouse & Storage

• Printing, Graphics or Publishing

• High-Tech

• Biotech

• Telecommunications

Program Eligibility

• Risks in business for a minimum of three years and financially sound

• Risks with low severity characteristics

• Risks with manual premiums between $250,000 and $3,000,000

• Risks with sound risk management practices with established safety/loss control programs

Ineligible Risks

• Risks that fail to meet financial pre-qualifications guidelines

• Hazard Group IV Workers’ Compensation exposure or any line of business with a Best

Underwriting Guide rating greater than seven

• Transportation (trucking for hire, livery, ambulance, black car, pizza delivery or courier)

• Construction risks – all types

• Hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, VA Centers

• Temporary staffing firms, leased employee arrangements

• Public entities or any political subdivisions

• Risk with manual premiums less than $250,000

• Risks with a frequency of losses greater than $50,000

Captive Retention

• $300,000 per occurrence with annual aggregate protection.

Lines of Coverage and Limits

Auto Liability:

• Liability: $1,000,000 CSL each accident

• UM/UIM: Minimum Statutory

• PIP/No Fault: Minimum Statutory

Workers’ Compensation

• Part I: Statutory

• Part II: $1,000,000/$1,000,000/$1,000,000

General Liability

• Each Occurrence: $1,000,000

• General Aggregate: $2,000,000

• Prod/C.O. Aggregate: $1,000,000


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