Programs Plus Dwelling Program


Target Market

· Owners of residential rental or seasonal dwelling

· Corporations, individuals, partnerships or trusts

· Built within last 75 years with current updates

· No Prior GL Losses

· 8 Unit Maximum

· Must have operating smoke alarms

· Minimum Lease Period – 1 Month

· Property Managers

· Favorable Loss Experience

· Condominiums and Townhomes

Policy Limits:


Replacement Cost Valuation with Agreed Amount (Total TIV up to $1 Million per location)

General Liability
$1,000,000                Each Occurrence limit
$2,000,000                General Aggregate limit
$1,000,000                Personal & Advertising Injury limit
$100,000                   Damage to Premises Rented to You

Excluded                   Medical Payments
Included                    Products and Completed Operations Aggregate limit

Target Territory

Non-Coastal Areas; Protection Class Six (6) or better.


Applications and Informational PDFs

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