We have solutions for your Medical Products/ Devices, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals placements with over 20 domestic and international markets!

Our Targeted Classifications Include

  • Pharmaceuticals – OTC, biologics, generic and branded pharma, homeopathic, medical marijuana
  • Nutraceuticals – Vitamins, supplements, energy drinks and detox systems
  • Medical Devices – Implantable, biologic grafts, diagnostic, invasive and non-invasive
  • Cosmetics – Makeup and hair products, body and face wash, lotions
  • Laboratories
  • R&D Firms
  • Biotech
  • Healthcare/Health Products Consulting & Services

Other Segment Niches

  • Clinical Trials & Research and Development
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Medical Waste Pollution Liability
  • Discontinued Products
  • Product Tampering and Accidental Contamination
  • Product Recall

Example Risks Include

  • Animal Nutraceutical Distributor
  • Biologic Medical Device Manufacturer
  • Developer, Manufacturer & Distributor
  • Supplements
  • Distributor of Medical Chairs & Assistance Devices for Kids
  • Distributor of Medical Devices
  • Energy Drink Distributor
  • Genetic Testing Services
  • Herbal Tea Distributor
  • Importer & Distributor of Medical Implants
  • Manufacturer/Distributor of OTC Pharmaceuticals
  • Manufacturer/Distributor of Surgical Weight Loss Device
  • Manufacturer of Breast Biopsy Markers
  • Manufacturer of Energy Drinks
  • Medical Device Developer
  • Medical Device Manufacturer
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensary & Growing Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Distributor
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Coverages Offered

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