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    Partnering With K2 Specialty Dealer Insurance

    When you partner with Managing General Agency K2 Specialty Dealer Insurance, you immediately get what makes us and our program so different. We understand the Garage and Dealers market.  We know what it takes to properly protect this industry’s risks and we know how to ensure our program is profitable and has legs for years to come.

    During the last few years, we saw industry players exit the space, make changes to coverage availability and terms, and increase rates significantly as the niche became unprofitable for some. Insurance agents scrambled to get insureds the coverages they need. This was an opportunity for us to step in and provide a robust product, having been tremendously successful in developing and distributing profitable programs in other industry niches.

    We are part of K2 Insurance Services, LLC, a leading underwriting and distribution franchise in the program insurance market.  The K2 Insurance family of MGAs has more than 15 operating companies and more than $900 million in annual written premium. With their support, we developed an exclusive broad product that agents and their Garage and Dealer customers expect. We also implemented strong underwriting practices to ensure our commitment in the program every year.


    Our Platform Facilities Submissions, Renewals & Claims

    Our operational platform includes a policy administration system with seamless integration into our rating and underwriting  operating systems.  This allows for our team to respond quickly to underwriting requests.  Our applications are available via PDF, Word and even as a link you can start filling out and forward to a customer to easily fill out on their cell phone, tablet or desktop. Don’t worry our applications can be E-signed which can be easily returned. No more chasing paperwork.  Our accounting integration allows your team easy access to obtain any invoices we issue and they can easily pay online.

    In addition, collecting external data to assist in our underwriting for each account is our priority.  With integrated tools such as weather scoring, MVR monitoring, loss-control integration, we have developed a best-in-class strategy to maximize results.

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