K2 Specialty Dealer Insurance provides agency partners with an exclusive program designed for all types of dealers and garage-related services including Franchised Motorcycle Dealers. Written with a top-tier carrier, coverages include Garage Liability, Physical Damage, Dealers E&O, and Garagekeepers, Dealers Open Lot, Fraudulent Impersonation, Commercial Property, General Liability, and other key products under a Package Policy.

Our program is supported by a world-class third-party administrator, K2 Claims, to manage and facilitate the entire claims process. We understand how important it is for clients to get back up and running after a loss.

Submission Requirements

  • Completed Garage Supplemental Application
  • Employee List with Job Titles, Driver’s License Number, Date of Birth (Excel format preferred)
  • 4 Years’ Currently Valued Loss Runs
  • Financial Statement

Our Value-Added Features

In addition to our exclusive Package Policy, K2 Specialty Dealer Insurance provides the following added-value services:

  • Simple Billing Options – Direct and agency bill, installments options (quarterly, 10-pay)
  • Instant MVRs for New Hires – Set up your customer to instantly receive MVRs (within guidelines/outside of guidelines) Grading – no more waiting for an underwriter (available in most states)
  • Fully Interactive Short Form Library with Integrated E-Sign
  • Workers Compensation Offering with Payroll Services if desired
  • Instant Cyber Quotes
  • EPL Quotes
  • Loss Runs Assistance
  • World-class Claims Management


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