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    Kapatoes Insurance Services (Kapatoes) is a niche insurance agency exclusively representing the vitamin and natural food industry with our select insurance partner Great American Insurance Group. Since we do not represent any other industry group, we remain committed to our friends in the vitamin and natural food industry.

    Beginning in 1997, with the aid of Steven Townsend of United Natural Foods, we established a specialized insurance program solely for health food and vitamin stores. By focusing on these two groups, we were able to leverage the buying power of the warehouse and bring retailers volume discounts. In the last two decades, our insurance program has substantially grown.

    Retail Stores

    We provide insurance solutions for health food stores, vitamin stores, and others in the health food industry.

    By providing a reliable commercial insurance plan, we work to financially prepare and protect your business. Kapatoes has tweaked insurance coverage over the years and recognizes the special exposures and characteristics of supermarkets, health food and grocery stores, along with natural food co-ops.

    Retail selling price, private relabeled products, and over twenty years of claims experience are just a few of the advantages of our insurance products.

    Product Liability

    We insure thousands of retail health food stores nationwide which gives us a unique understanding of the products sold in these stores. With this knowledge in mind, Kapatoes is able to provide you comprehensive insurance plans at reasonable rates.

    With a constantly shifting product liability insurance market and excessively high rates based on sales, we arm our distributors and manufacturers with a knowledge of audit features and specific coverages created for your industry. The bottom line is insurance costs and we assist you with knowing exactly where to find the exact coverage you need. Coverage highlights include:

    • Limited Prop 65 coverage
    • Minimal ingredient exclusions
    • Product recall expense
    • Reimbursements for overestimation of sales
    • Room for growth on audited sales

  • News Releases

    GAIC Alternative Markets Division Expands the Kapatoes Insurance Services Natural Food and Vitamin Store Program to Distributors

    CINCINNATI – October 14, 2021 – Great American Insurance Group Alternative Markets and Kapatoes Insurance Services, LLC are excited to announce an expansion of their exclusive insurance program for health food, vitamin and grocery stores. This expansion provides wholesalers and distributors access to the same quality insurance products that the stores have enjoyed for the last two decades. Robyn Rider, Divisional Underwriting Vice President, Great American Alternative Markets, confirms, “With 24 years of experience, Kapatoes Insurance Services is a recognized specialist in the natural food and vitamin insurance industry.” Robyn added, “I am excited that they have selected Great American and look forward to working with them as they expand their business.” The specialty program provides General Liability and Property coverage, including spoilage for distributors of food-based products, all on a Business Owners Policy. The program offers a broad range of eligible classes, from fresh produce distribution to baked goods and other manufactured food products. Mark Kapatoes, President of Kapatoes Insurance Services LLC, said, “We’ve looked forward to the opportunity for this natural expansion to the distributors for our exclusive natural health food and vitamin industry insurance program. Allowing the folks that are already supplying our stores the opportunity to obtain such a quality insurance product from a carrier like Great American Insurance Group is a win for all.” Inquiries about Kapatoes Insurance Services national natural food and vitamin store and distributors program may be directed to President Mark Kapatoes at Mark@kisllc.com, Dane Meisler, Vice President at dane@kisllc.com
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