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Do you need product liability insurance? Depend on Kapatoes Insurance Services; The Health Food Insurance Group in Warwick, RI and Lake Mary, FL. We offer comprehensive insurance plans at reasonable rates. After insuring thousands of retail health food stores nationwide, we found out that our store owners were becoming product developers and manufacturers themselves. These same store owners are currently pushing your products on their shelves directly to the consumer. This direct relationship gives us a very specific knowledge of your products, helping us know what our stores are selling.

Extensive Insurance Coverage

The product liability insurance market is constantly shifting. While you have probably seen extremely high rates based on your sales for years, we have shown our manufacturers/distributors a knowledge not only on how to competitively shop in the market but also in specific coverage and audit features that have been created for your industry to help your bottom line insurance costs. It’s not about if you shop, it’s about knowing who to shop with! Here are some of our coverage highlights:

  • Product Recall Expense
  • Limited Prop 65 Coverage
  • Minimal Ingredient Exclusions
  • Room for Growth on Audited Sales
  • Reimbursements for Overestimation of Sales
  • And More!

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Product Recall Expense

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