Marine Manufacturing involves innumerable elements that must be expertly coordinated and executed in order to complete projects on time and within budget. Whether working on a tanker, barge or yacht, interconnected activities must be carefully planned to reach the safest, fastest and optimum product for your clients. A central challenge in the process is planning – from the design stages, through the launch of a vessel and then throughout the life of that vessel a manufacturing company must plan for any glitches and be prepared to respond.

Projects can stretch over years and involve numerous divisions, materials and craftspeople. Business owners need proactive solutions for the inevitable costly and time consuming accidents that can arise even with the best business strategy and management.

Merrimac Marine specializes in marine manufacturing and has a plan for you as well as many markets to work with; we are not locked into one option to protect our client’s assets. We constantly evaluate each market and what they have to offer and then decide which company will help us offer the best options. We then choose from the best companies, resulting in coverages that are the best in the industry.

When choosing insurance, remember you are not just purchasing a product. You are choosing a representative that will help protect your company.

Take a few moments and see all the ways Merrimac can help insure your business… and your peace of mind.

Property Coverages Available:

  • Real and Personal Property
  • Yacht Dealer
  • Equipment / Lifts / Tools
  • Boat Show/ Exhibition
  • Owned Watercraft
  • Piers, Wharves and Docks
  • Business Income

Liability Coverages Available:

  • General Liability
  • Products Completed Operations Liability
  • Marina Operators Legal Liability
  • Protection and Indemnity
  • Ship Repairers Legal Liability
  • Commercial Automobile
  • Pollution
  • Bumbershoot

Employee Coverages Available:

  • Workers Compensation
  • United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Act
  • Jones Act
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Coverages Offered

Commercial Property

General Liability

Pollution Liability

Workers Compensation

Equipment Breakdown


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