Cyber Liability


Risk Appetite:

● Up to $25m revenue
● Up to $3m limits
● Retentions as low as $1,000
● Premiums as low as $545
● Admitted markets available
● Bind online up to $3m in sales


Cyber insurance can protect your client if they have any of the following exposures:

● Company website
● Company email addresses
● Company phones, computers, tablets
● Accepts payment via credit card
● Online advertisements
● Contracts are sent via email
● Info is stored in the cloud or on a server
● They collect any client information including but not
limited to: name, email, phone number, address,
payment information, date of birth, etc.


What a Cyber policy can do for your client:

● Connect them to a team of experienced specialists to mitigate the consequences of a data breach
● Cover associated costs after security breach from phishing emails
● Make financially whole if someone steals money by siphoning from accounts or altering invoices
● Cover costs of new hardware if a virus/ bug corrupts the software, breaking it
● Reimburse lost revenue if their (or a vendor’s) business is interrupted
● Make whole after credit card fines, processing failures, or exposures
● Pay a ransom in the event of a hacking or ransomware attack
● Cover losses arising from issues with making/distributing materials advertising your services
● Replace lost income due to reputational harm caused by a system failure

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