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    Bolton Street Programs is a leader in creating and administering successful affinity programs for associations and industry groups. Our goal is to be the program administrator of choice by any capital provider in the insurance market and provide a level of service that is nonexistent in the industry via technology and underwriting. Our approach is to fully understand your specific industry and develop focused, pinpoint insurance programs.

    We have created a program group that offers a multi-line solution to our clients, supported by a high level of technology to help manage risk. We have a commitment towards new products and better serve our clients with the ability to provide flexible solutions on a multi-line basis. Bolton Street Programs combines outstanding coverage, services, pricing, and expert loss control to lower costs for association members and improve their overall insurance program.

    Partnering with Bolton Street Programs is a winning proposition. You can still maintain the relationship with your current broker, take advantage of the premium savings and increased coverages, and take advantage of SterlingRisk’s claims management system with controlled claims, resulting in lower premiums.

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