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Otonomi Expands Parametric Cargo Insurance to New Transport Modes

Otonomi Expands Parametric Cargo Insurance to New Transport Modes

Otonomi, an insurtech startup, has expanded its parametric cargo insurance to include more transport modes. Initially focusing on aviation cargo, Otonomi has now added maritime and intermodal coverage, enhancing their ability to manage supply chain disruptions and shipping delays. This move follows a significant investment to develop their algorithmic underwriting model.

Parametric Insurance Model

Otonomi’s parametric model provides automatic payouts based on predefined conditions such as transit time discrepancies. The coverage focuses on mitigating risks from delays rather than direct damages, covering goods like perishables and high-value items in aerospace, technology, and automotive industries.

Recent Developments

In 2023, Otonomi piloted a parametric insurance product for pharmaceuticals and cold-chain assets, later expanding to include maritime transport delay coverage and aviation delay insurance. These additions are part of their broader vision to offer end-to-end coverage across multiple transport modes, driven by sophisticated data analysis and automated processes.

Future Goals

Otonomi aims to provide seamless, comprehensive coverage for complex shipping routes involving multiple transport modes. Their goal is to create an integrated insurance solution that covers every stage of the shipping process, ensuring continuous protection and efficiency for their clients.
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Severe Storms in the US Drive Global Natural Disaster Losses in H1 2024

Severe Storms in the US Drive Global Natural Disaster Losses in H1 2024

The first half of 2024 has seen severe convective storms (SCS) in the United States accounting for $37 billion of the $61 billion global insured losses from natural disasters. This represents 61% of the total global losses, marking the second-highest H1 total for the US, trailing only behind 2023.

Economic and Insured Losses

During this period, global economic losses from natural disasters reached an estimated $128 billion, slightly below the 10-year average. The US experienced 20 billion-dollar events, with 14 attributed to SCS, highlighting the significant impact of these storms on insurers and the economy.

Strain on Insurers

Primary insurers are bearing the brunt of these losses, with reduced reinsurance coverage leading to increased direct loss costs. This has eroded underwriting performance and quarterly earnings, emphasizing the need for robust risk management and mitigation strategies. The continued frequency and severity of SCS in the US highlight the urgent need for effective disaster preparedness and insurance strategies to manage and mitigate these substantial financial impacts.
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Commercial Insurers Lead in Customer Satisfaction Scores

Commercial Insurers Lead in Customer Satisfaction Scores

A recent report highlights commercial insurers with above-average customer satisfaction scores. These insurers have excelled in providing quality service, meeting customer expectations, and managing claims effectively, setting a benchmark for the industry.

Key Factors Driving Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is influenced by various factors, including efficient claims processing, comprehensive coverage options, and exceptional customer service. Insurers with high scores have successfully balanced these elements, ensuring a positive experience for policyholders.

Industry Implications

High customer satisfaction scores reflect well on insurers, enhancing their reputation and customer loyalty. For other insurers, these top performers serve as a model for improving their own service standards and addressing areas of customer concern. In conclusion, achieving high customer satisfaction is crucial for commercial insurers to maintain competitive advantage and build lasting relationships with their clients.
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Addressing Silicosis: A Call for Comprehensive Data

Addressing Silicosis: A Call for Comprehensive Data

In response to the increasing prevalence of silicosis among California workers, the state’s Insurance Commissioner has called on the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) to conduct a detailed study of silicosis claims over the past decade. This study aims to provide a clearer understanding of the disease's impact and ensure affected workers receive adequate compensation.

The Impact of Silicosis

Silicosis is an irreversible lung disease caused by inhaling crystalline silica dust, particularly prevalent among workers handling engineered stone countertops. The disease poses significant health risks and challenges in securing workers' compensation benefits.

Data Collection Focus

The Commissioner has requested comprehensive data, including the number of silicosis cases, average claimant age, claim acceptance and denial rates, associated medical costs, and details on disability benefits and loss adjustment expenses. This information will help assess the scope of the problem and guide future policy decisions to better support affected workers.

Ensuring Adequate Protection

By gathering detailed data on silicosis claims, the WCIRB aims to provide insights that will enhance the effectiveness of workers' compensation systems and ensure that workers suffering from this debilitating disease receive the support and benefits they deserve. The initiative reflects a commitment to addressing occupational health risks and safeguarding worker welfare in California.
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