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    Specializing in serving nonprofit organizations since we opened in 1985, Charity First Insurance Services, Inc. (Charity First), is a full-service program administrator and managing general underwriter offering comprehensive products for various religious institutions and nonprofit organizations.

    Our products are offered nationwide with well-known, reliable insurance carriers. Currently, in most states, our products are available on an admitted basis. For more efficient results and better service, Charity First provides you a complete product offering with the convenience of insurance coverage within one resource.

    Programs & Coverages

    Charity First offers various programs, products, and coverage levels for nonprofit agencies.

    • Package Products – Nonprofit Organizations Insurance
    • Charity First’s Nonprofit Package product provides insurance coverage and services for nonprofit organizations.
    • Religious Program – Charity First serves the religious sector by providing a robust package policy tailored exclusively religious institutions. Our religious program targets churches, Jewish synagogues, and Buddhist temples.
    • Target Classes – Nonprofit Package Insurance
    • Art galleries, group homes, and YMCA’s are just a few of the types of nonprofit organizations served by this specialty product.
    • BOP Product – Nonprofit Organizations Insurance

    An alternative to the comprehensive package, Charity First provides an all-in-one Business Owners Policy (BOP) for risks that are deemed less complicated.

    • Monoline Cyber – For-profit or Nonprofit Insurance
    • Covering security or data breaches that involve the unauthorized or illegal access, viewing, or retrieval of data.
    • Nonprofits and Social Service Agencies – Specialty insurance solutions for community-centered agencies such as the Boys & Girls Clubs, vocational schools, and community action agencies.

    Charity First Insurance Services, Inc. is insuring nonprofits, providing stability, and long-term commitments for you and your insureds, now and into the future.

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