AVERT Commercial Trucking Program


Innovative Risk Management (IRM), through its underwriting affiliate Programs Plus, markets specialty insurance programs in which we take an underwriting risk position. AVERT is our commercial trucking program designed to help distressed accounts find their way back into the competitively priced insurance market.

We provide retail agents with a “home” for trucking clients, particularly difficult to find in a hard market in which this industry segment has been hard hit by carrier appetite changes, diminished capacity and significant rate increases as a result of catastrophic liability losses and social inflation.

The AVERT program in addition to providing liability insurance includes Drivecam by Lytx©, a technology platform for trucking accounts to help improve their claims experience by encouraging changes to unsafe driving behaviors. The technology also helps objectively report the facts involved in an accident via video evidence.

Program Requirements: 

  • Designed for distressed accounts (high-severity/low-frequency risk profile)
  • Most commodities qualify with the exception of hazmat
  • Fleet size minimum: 15 power units
  • In business minimum of three years

Program Details:

  • Minimum guaranteed cost liability rate of $11,109 per unit
  • Lytx© DriveCam technology included
  • Agency Commission: 10%
  • Lines of coverage: Auto and General Liability
  • AM Best “A XIV” rated carrier
  • Radius: local up to long haul


General Information:

  • Argo Insurance Company
  • AM Best – A, XIII
  • Admitted carrier
  • Available coverage symbols – 43, 46, 47, 48, 50
  • Composite rate per unit
  • Commission – 10%


Lines of Business:


  • Automobile liability (including med pay, UM/UIM)
  • Physical damage
  • General liability


Fleet size:

  •   15 units and above


Available Limits:

•  Automobile liability

  •   $1,000,000 CSL
  •   $5,000 – med pay
  •   Minimum statutory – UM/UIM

•  Physical damage

  •  ACV
  •  Deductibles – may be available upon request

•  General liability

  •   $1,000,000 – each occurrence
  •   $2,000,000 – general aggregate
  •   $2,000,000 – Products – completed ops. aggregate
  •   $1,000,000 – Personal injury & advertising injury
  •   $ 100,000 – Damage to premises rented to you – any one premises
  •   $ 5,000 – Medical payments – any one person

Target Market:

•  Radius

  •  Local – 0 to 50 miles
  •  Intermediate – 51 to 200 miles
  •  Regional Long Haul – 200- 750 mile radius
  •  True Long Haul

•  Eligible Commodities

  •  Appliances
  •  Auto parts / supplies, including engines
  •  Beverages in bulk or in baffled tank trailers.
  •  Beverages package/cased goods of consumer quantity, including but not limited to beer, wine, liquor, milk, juice, water, etc.
  •  Consumer goods
  •  Construction debris (new, existing, renovation or demolition) but excluding asbestos, contaminated soil
  •  Electronic goods, including computers
  •  Equipment or machinery – smaller or mid-size – in van type trailer, not on flatbed trailer.
  •  Grocery items / Food products, including produce; nonperishable or perishable; refrigerated, frozen
  •  Motor Carriers that haul their own products (excluding GL classes)
  •  Heavy Equipment / Machinery, including but not limited to agricultural, construction.
  •  Lumber/ boards, drywall, cement / concrete blocks / pipes, bricks
  •  Non-hazardous liquid or dry commodities transported in tanker trailers, including grain, hay, feed, etc.
  •  Nursery / landscaping goods such as grass, flowers, shrubs, hedges, bushes, small trees, etc.
  •  Paper, paper products
  •  Plastics
  •  Recyclables, such as paper, plastic, aluminum, glass including bailed scrap paper
  •  Sand & Gravel
  •  U.S. bulk mail among U.S Postal Service hubs and processing facilities (not post offices)o  ONLY those hazardous commodities, materials or substances that are defined by Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 and regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation as Other Regulated Materials (ORM) – Consumer Commodities (D) AND in a quantity of less than 1000 pounds.

An ORM-D commodity is a consumer commodity type of hazardous material that is packaged / distributed in a form intended / suitable for retail sale for consumption by individuals, for purposes of personal care or household use.

  •  Agricultural commodities that are NOT exempt from regulation per Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Composite Commodity List of Administrative Ruling No. 119.




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