Insurance Solutions For Health Food Stores, Vitamin Stores, and more.

Having a reliable commercial insurance plan is crucial to making sure that your business is financially prepared and protected. This is where Kapatoes Insurance Services; The Health Food Insurance Group in Warwick, RI and Lake Mary, FL comes in. We provide exclusive insurance programs for retail health food stores, vitamin stores, and food cooperatives nationwide. Our company has tweaked our coverage through the years to recognize the special exposures and business characteristics of the following:

Health Food Store, Grocery and Supermarket

This is the bread and butter portion of our agency with over 1,000 health food stores currently in our group. We believe that health food stores have a different insurance characteristic from a grocery store/supermarket, and we have made arrangements for this accordingly. And we didn’t stop there as we’re helping with Grocery and Supermarkets as well.

INFRA Members

We currently insure over 20% of all Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA) members. We recognize these are larger stores requiring a broader breadth of coverage.

Natural Food Cooperatives

We currently insure over 70 natural food cooperatives throughout the USA. Although we would prefer a direct relationship, we recognize that most cooperatives want to do business on a local basis, and some are actually obligated to work with a local insurance agency. Please have your agent call us, and we will be happy to work with them to provide our unique insurance policy to your store.

GNC and Vitamin Stores

We work with GNC corporate risk management on a weekly basis to make sure that your insurance policy is in full compliance with the extensive insurance requirements of the company.

Advantages of Our Insurance Products

  • Retail Selling Price – Most health food stores have a higher value attached to their refrigerated products than a grocery store. We are offering an extension of coverage to include valuing refrigerated products at retail selling price at the time of a loss versus a wholesale valuation.
  • The inclusion of Private Relabeled Products – This comprises the inclusion of coverage for privately labeled and relabeled products under the liability section of our policy. Almost all insurance policies of our competitors EXCLUDE coverage for these products. Ask your agent if you specifically have coverage under your current insurance policy for privately labeled products. With the rise of popularity by stores to develop their own brand name, this becomes a key coverage for health food stores involved in this endeavor. We understand that Kava Kava isn’t an island.
  • The inclusion of Off Premises Power Losses With Power Transmission Lines – With the number of unusual storms over the past years, specifically in the Eastern United States, we have found that extending coverage for off-premises power events to include the downing of power transmission lines is a vital coverage for our stores to have. We feel it is imperative that the store owner choose this option to protect themselves from events that could trigger business interruption and inventory losses. The other advantage is that the store will have their refrigerated losses paid for at retail selling price in the event of this type of loss.
  • Claims Experience – Since 1997, we have paid over 3,996 claims totaling $18,000,000+. We believe we have a “one-of-a-kind” understanding of claims as they relate to health food stores. With claims representatives located in every state, we are able to offer a local contact to our insured clients to make sure that they are contacted immediately and have someone from their area helping them out through the process. “Local Service on a National Basis”

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