Maryland Restaurant and Hospitality Self Insurance Fund


Overview: MR&HSIF is a workers’ compensation self-insurance group for restaurants and hospitality in the state of Maryland. Newly acquired to MDP Programs, MR&HSIF has been around for over twenty years and has earned in excess of $7.5 million in investment income and returned to members more than $6.0 million while creating more than $4.0 million in member surplus. For more information, visit our website.

Coverage: Workers’ Compensation

Appetite: Restaurants, Hotels, Country Clubs, Distributors, Grocery Stores, Distilleries, Micro-breweries, Caterers

State: Maryland

Key Features: Attractive rates, Annual dividend potential, Noexpense constant” charges, TRIA and DTEC coverage included at no additional Cost

Additional Information: Self-funded plan ensures: High Standards for acceptance

  • Dedicated Claims team
  • Litigation of fraudulent claims
  • Prompt service
  • Component partners network
  • Focus on less prevention and control rapid reporting
  • Close monitoring of employee progress

Coverages Offered

Workers Compensation


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