Maritime Employers Liability Insurance (MEL)


Who Is Covered Under MEL:

MEL covers employees on someone else’s vessels. Small or large, oil rig, yacht, barge, or cruise ship, there is liability for employees when placed aboard other vessels even though the insured is not the owner or operator of that vessel. MEL also covers employees who are temporarily on board one of your client’s own vessels. For example, a marine construction company may have a full-time captain who is covered under its P&I policy, but also employs some land-based employees who work on board vessels part of the time.

Target Classes

  • Marine Construction
  • Drilling Work
  • Seismic Survey Work
  • Scientific Research & Survey Work
  • Artisan Contractors Working Onboard Vessels While Underway

Coverages Offered

Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)

Marine Employers Liability (MEL) Insurance

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