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    RPS Signature Programs is a leading provider of specialty insurance programs designed to meet various businesses’ and industries’ unique needs. With a team of experienced underwriters and a broad network of carrier partners, we offer a diverse range of risk management solutions that can help independent agencies’ client base navigate modern commerce’s complex and ever-changing landscape.

    Our portfolio of Signature Programs covers a wide range of sectors, including Accident Medical Insurance, Amateur Sports Insurance, California Non-Profit Workers’ Compensation Insurance, California Private School Self Insurance Group, Camp, Conference & Retreat Insurance, Crane and Rigging Insurance, Public Entity Insurance, Golf and Country Club Insurance, Health and Fitness Club Insurance, Inland Marine Insurance, Lacrosse Insurance, Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance, Michigan Restaurant Insurance, Michigan Contractors Insurance, Podiatry Professional Liability Insurance, Real Estate Agents E&O, Rental Equipment Insurance, Scaffolding Insurance, Tow Truck Insurance, Title and Escrow Insurance, Healthcare, and more.

    Each program is tailored to the specific needs of its target industry, incorporating a comprehensive range of coverages and features designed to address the most pressing risks facing businesses in today’s economy. With a deep understanding of each industry we serve, we can deliver innovative solutions that help our agency clients manage risk and protect their customers’ assets in an increasingly complex world.

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