At Tangram we’re continually looking to develop innovative programs and solutions for our broker partners to help clients better address and manage their total cost of risk. This includes creating custom-driven solutions in the form of captives. The captive insurance market has continually seen growth over the last two decades, now spanning most industries and organizations of all sizes, and we are well positioned to help you leverage this growth opportunity.

We manage a member-owned group captive, Bodega Insurance Program, comprised of best-in-class middle-market businesses, and can also provide additional captive solutions. We invite you to explore the benefits of our program for your clients.

The Benefits of Captives

There are several types of captive structures available today – from agency captives to single parent, group or association captives, protected cell captives – making them a viable alternative for many organizations. While each type of captive operates differently, they share many common benefits:

  • Lower overall insurance spending than in the traditional market as premiums are based on an insured’s history
  • Comprehensive and responsive coverage
  • Reduced impact of insurance industry market cycles
  • Enhanced risk management control
  • Greater control over claims management
  • Potential tax savings

Captive Services We Offer

Tangram can assist you in deciding whether a client is a good candidate for a captive solution. We will conduct a feasibility study of the company’s risk profile to determine if a captive is the route to take to insure and manage risk. We will then look at what type of captive makes sense for a particular client. If it’s a go, we will work with you, your client, and the regulatory authority to complete all necessary documentation and submit all required information. We can also provide ongoing captive management services, including:

  • Regulatory liaison and ongoing compliance
  • Corporate governance services
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Coordination of third-party service providers
  • Maintenance of captive insurance policies & premiums


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