Direct Hire, Executive Search & Recruitment, Retained Search Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)


Our Direct Hire/Personnel Consultant PL insurance policy provides coverage for the wrongful acts of the insured and their staff while performing direct hire/permanent placement services. Designed for firms that engage in only Direct Hire, Executive Search and Recruitment, Retained Search activities, it protects the insured from claims brought by both the potential/hiring employer and the potential/placed employee.

Designed for firms engaged in direct hire and personnel consulting activities, including human resources consulting, career counseling, and resume writing services.

Offered on an Occurrence Form.

Our Direct Hire/Executive Search & Recruitment/Retained Search policy steps in to protect a staffing firm for legal actions alleging bodily injury and or property damage. For the insured’s contract employees (temporary placements), our occurrence-based policy specifically extends coverage to the insured for damage caused by the contract employee while on assignment (care, custody, and control). See actual policy for complete information.


  • Coverage for wrongful acts of the Insured, in-house staff, independent contractors, interns and volunteers while performing Direct Hire, Executive Search, and Recruitment, Retained Search services for others
  • Defense Costs outside the limits of liability

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