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Our Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability policy covers the staffing firm and the staffing firm’s client for damage to the property of others or to bodily injury to others caused by a staffing firm’s employee when driving a client’s vehicle. Additionally, our policy will also protect the “named insured” staffing firm when its employees are driving their own vehicles on behalf of staffing firm business. Damage to any vehicle a temp is driving is not covered by a Hired and Non-Owned Auto policy.

Another concern involves employees renting a vehicle (i.e. from a Hertz, Avis, etc.). This is called a “hired car” under the Hired and Non-Owned Auto policy. You can choose to obtain insurance from the rental car companies to cover damage to the rental car or you can have Hired Car Physical Damage coverage endorsed on to your World Wide policy. This will cover damage to the rented vehicle your employees are driving while on company business. Hired Car Physical Damage coverage is only provided when you secure a specific endorsement.

A staffing firm’s employee driving a vehicle on company business if involved in an automobile accident, the bodily injury done to others, or property of others including other vehicles (not being driven by the staffing firm employees) is automatically covered by the Hired and Non-Owned Auto policy available through World Wide.

Our Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability policy steps in to protect a staffing firm for legal actions alleging bodily injury and or property damage. For the insured’s contract employees (temporary placements), our occurrence-based policy specifically extends coverage to the insured for damage caused by the contract employee while on assignment (care, custody, and control). See actual policy for complete information.


  • Individual Policy – separate limits
  • No deductible
  • Occurrence form
  • No aggregate limit
  • Primary Non-Contributory
  • Blanket additional insured
  • Hired auto physical damage coverage available

Submission Requirements:

  • World Wide Staffing Industry Insurance Application
  • Details of Client Driving Exposure Where Applicable
  • Client Service Agreements/Contracts
  • Currently Valued – 3 Years’ Carrier Loss Runs
  • Copy of Employee Manual or Employee Handbook

Coverages Offered

Commercial Auto

Binding Authority


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