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Workers’ Compensation policies in monopolistic states do not provide for Employers Liability insurance. As a result, staffing firms in those states need to obtain Stop Gap Liability Insurance. Stop Gap will respond in the event an employer is found negligent in providing a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. Employers Liability coverage is provided to the employer for liability to employees for work-related bodily injury or disease, other than liability imposed on the insured by a Workers’ Compensation law.

World Wide’s Stop Gap Liability Insurance for Staffing Industry

Our Stop Gap Liability coverage for Employers Liability for staffing firms is available in the monopolistic Workers’ Compensation states of North Dakota, Ohio, Washington and Wyoming.

General Liability Policy is required – Stop Gap is not written on a monoline basis.

Our Stop Gap Liability policy steps in to protect a staffing firm for legal actions alleging bodily injury and or property damage. For the insured’s contract employees (temporary placements), our occurrence-based policy specifically extends coverage to the insured for damage caused by the contract employee while on assignment (care, custody, and control). See actual policy for complete information.


  • Bodily injury by accident–each accident
  • Bodily injury by disease–aggregate limit
  • Bodily injury by disease–each employee

Coverages Offered

Workers Compensation


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