Staffing Umbrella Liability Insurance


Our Umbrella Liability policy provides increased coverages and limits of liability over scheduled underlying policies including Professional Liability (PL), General Liability (GL), Commercial Automobile Liability, Employee Benefits Liability (EBL) and Employers Liability (EL) without an SIR in most states.

Casualty Business Crisis Expense coverage is included at no additional charge. Casualty Business Crisis Expense Covers:

  • First dollar –no underlying coverage
  • The specified limit in addition to other Umbrella limits.

Coverage includes:

  • Manmade disasters
  • Multiple deaths/injuries
  • Major crashes
  • Burns
  • Dismemberment
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Paraplegia
  • Contamination of food, drink, and pharmaceuticals

Our Umbrella Liability policy steps in to protect a staffing firm for legal actions alleging bodily injury and or property damage. For the insured’s contract employees (temporary placements), our occurrence-based policy specifically extends coverage to the insured for damage caused by the contract employee while on assignment (care, custody, and control). See actual policy for complete information.

Umbrella Liability Highlights:

  • Mental anguish is not excluded from the definition of bodily injury
  • Occurrence coverage provided over Commercial Auto, GL, PL, EB, and EL
  • No SIR
  • Follow Form of the underlying Professional Liability policy
  • Coverage for exposures NOT covered by the underlying
  • Casualty Business Crisis Expense – first-dollar coverage

Submission Requirements:

  • ACORD Form Application
  • Currently Valued – 3 Years’ Carrier Loss Runs
  • Copy of Employee Manual or Employee Handbook

Coverages Offered

Umbrella Liability


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