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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the paramount role that insurance and risk management plays for business success has never been more critical. The expertise and guidance in effectively navigating insurance issues, regulations, safety and loss controls along with mitigating liability has put agency owners and senior executives at retailers, MGAs, wholesalers, and program administrators (PAs) front and center. It’s a time when the implementation of digital advances and new product development supported by the right
insurers, talent and partners can help accelerate future growth.

Source: By Annie George, ProgramBusiness.com | Published on June 17, 2020

3XY Insurance Solutions founder Aaron DiCaprio is well positioned to assist insurance executives in uncovering and leveraging opportunities and turning them into successes. His expertise and experience in program creation and development, carrier procurement, executive talent placement, business acquisitions, strategic planning and InsurTech help businesses focus on initiatives that drive revenue.

Here is a recent video from 3XY entitled "How to Start an MGA."


“Insurers and other industry stakeholders amid the COVID-19 crisis realize the critical importance of fast-tracking digital advances to communicate with customers and streamline the insurance-buying process by eliminating friction,” said DiCaprio. “Carriers, wholesalers, PAs and agents that have already adopted digital advances are faring better in reaching and engaging with clients. This is an opportunity for more players in the insurance distribution system to emerge from the crisis more nimble and digitally enabled. At the same time, carriers, wholesalers and PAs are looking to address coverage gaps exposed by the pandemic. Insurance product development and innovation will be part of the silver lining that comes out of the crisis.”

3XY provides the industry with services to create new programs – from R&D to data-gathering, identifying carrier partners, implementing underwriting guidelines, creating and negotiating policy forms, assisting with tech support and development, developing key marketing messaging, and even starting an MGA. 3XY’s InsurTech experience helps clients build a digital platform to promote, sell and manage its programs.

Tap Into 3XY’s Knowledge

DiCaprio shares his expertise and advice in a free video series available and regularly updated on LinkedIn and on his YouTube “Insurance Game Changers” channel.

From discussing how to start your own MGA to developing and submitting an insurance program, hiring practices to implement for recruiting the right talent the first go-around, and more, you’ll gain insight from DiCaprio’s boots-on-the-ground experience.

For more information about 3XY’s services, please visit https://3xy.insure/. You can also contact DiCaprio at 215.322.5497.