Alliant Launches New Diversity Initiative Focused on Black Insurance Professionals

Alliant Insurance Services has launched a bold diversity initiative focused on accelerating the growth of Black professionals in the insurance industry. Alliant, in collaboration with Southern University and A&M College and the Louisiana Department of Insurance, will launch the Marino Casem Scholarship Fund, develop a first-of-its-kind degree program, and provide a robust internship program.

Source: Alliant | Published on October 12, 2021

“In service of building a more diverse, more dynamic insurance industry, we are dedicated to providing crucial resources and opportunities for up-and-coming professionals of color,” said Lilian Vanvieldt, Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer with Alliant. “This effort represents the future of our industry.”

The initiative will take a broad-based approach to galvanize a more diverse workforce in the insurance industry through the following goals:

The establishment of the Marino Casem Scholarship Fund with the Southern University Foundation in honor of the late Marino Casem, “The Godfather” of Black college football and member of the College Football Hall of Fame as an Athletic Director. The formal launch of the Fund will be held at Southern University at the Valdry Center for Philanthropy, 598 Harding Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA on Friday, October 22 at 12:30 p.m.

A Risk Management and Insurance degree program at Southern University, which will build upon the Louisiana Department of Insurance’s Risk Management and Insurance concentration program in SU’s College of Business. This will be the first such program at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU).

A robust internship program, where Alliant will provide an in-depth career experience over three summers and pay a starting wage of $20 per hour and $2,000 per month for room and board.

Additional information on the initiative is available by contacting Mike Tucker at (225) 349-7015 or at

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