ITC Global Moves Its Virtual Session to October 19-21

ITC Global announced today that it will now be taking place Monday, October 19 through Wednesday, October 21, instead of Monday, September 21-23. Following is the announcement:

Source: ITC Global | Published on September 17, 2020

"Having already gone through the very difficult decision of moving our Las Vegas event from in-person to virtual, and having already spent the last several months at a full sprint working to deliver a virtual experience worthy of the ITC name and your time, the LAST thing that we wanted to do, or thought we would do, is postpone ITC Global.

We are choosing to postpone ITC Global for the same underlying set of reasons that we chose to postpone Vegas – to better serve the community of industry executives, innovators and thought leaders that rely on us and have trusted us.

Ultimately, the decision to postpone largely rests on the belief that a key value of ITC – be it Vegas or virtually – is the partnerships that are formed and strengthened. Partnerships form and are strengthened because people can and do meet.

While meetings may happen at ITC, those meetings are scheduled in the weeks before ITC.

In our quest to deliver something new and better for the virtual world, we did not give you time: the time to see who else is attending, the time to set meetings, and equally important, we did not give you the time to learn the platform you will use to make ITC a tool for moving your business forward..

More than anyone else, we would like to have delivered ITC Global on its original dates, but delivering on what we have promised to you is ultimately the most important thing to us.

We hope you will please block off the new dates for ITC Global, October 19th – 21st, on your calendar."

Key dates:
Monday, October 19th - ITC Global begins
Today through October 21st - Registration live
Tuesday, September 29th - Networking and agenda building available
Monday, October 5th - Booth and meeting room access for sponso