Median Organic Growth Levels Reach Double Digits for Independent Agents & Brokers

Good news never gets old. According to a Reagan Consulting survey, independent insurance agents and brokers experienced their fifth consecutive quarter of record-breaking organic growth. Their median organic growth reached double digits for the first time in the nearly 15-year history of the firm's Growth & Profitability Survey, reaching 10.2% in the second quarter of 2022.

Source: Reagan Consulting | Published on August 15, 2022

P&C industry records underwriting gains

However, ever the realists, agents and brokers have tempered their expectations for the coming year, according to the survey. "The industry appears to be already feeling the effects of macroeconomic factors," says Brian McNeely, executive vice president and partner at Reagan Consulting.

Organic growth of 8.5% is expected by agents and brokers through the end of 2022, but operating profits will fall. "Expenses are now growing faster than revenues," McNeely says, owing to higher payroll costs and the loss of pandemic-related savings, such as lower travel expenses.

According to McNeely, sales velocity, a leading indicator of future organic growth, has already fallen this year, from 12.6% in Q1 to 11.8% in Q2. Reagan's proprietary sales velocity metric is used to benchmark agency new business results. It is calculated by dividing new business written in the current year by the total of commissions and fees from the previous year.

Unexpected outcomes

Commercial property and casualty (P&C) sales outperformed other lines again in Q2, with organic growth of 12.2%. McNeely attributes the growth to premium rate increases primarily, but adds that "a great economic environment, including continued government spending," has boosted commercial p-c business.

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