Munich Re Partners with Spectrum Labs for AI Safety Systems

Global reinsurer Munich Re has entered into a partnership with Spectrum Labs in order to set a new industry standard for AI-based Trust & Safety systems.

Source: Reinsurance News | Published on April 5, 2021

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Spectrum Labs provides patent-pending technology to consumer internet brands to help identify toxic behaviour online.

The partnership will help protect its customers and manage their risk as it continues its mission in making the internet a safer and more valuable place.

Munich Re’s positive evaluation of Spectrum Labs’ market-leading contextual AI technology, and its consistent results for customers, plays a key role in supporting the company’s efforts to continue to deliver innovative and effective solutions to help shape a safer online experience.

Greg Barats, Senior Executive at Munich Re and President & CEO of HSB said: “We are glad to support Spectrum Labs in their important fight against toxic online content by backing the performance of their AI solution.

“Our added value in this journey once again demonstrates the potential of our product aiSureTM. The partnership gives Spectrum’s clients a clear signal of trust and credibility.”

Justin Davis, CEO and co-founder of Spectrum Labs added: “We’re proud to be the first players in the Trust & Safety tech space to receive backing from one of the world’s leading companies in insurance and reinsurance.

“Munich Re’s independent validation of Spectrum’s AI will give customers additional peace of mind that our technology limits harmful behaviours on their platform, and resources to use should any performance inconsistencies arise.

“Raising the bar for Trust & Safety systems in this way is critical because harmful behaviours erode user experience, negatively impact revenue, and can even lead to de-platforming.”