New IICF White Paper Details the Future of Inclusive Work for Insurance: Promote DEI, Invest in Innovation and Wellness

The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF), a unique nonprofit organization dedicated to helping communities and enriching lives, today released the key takeaways and learnings from the 2021 IICF Inclusion in Insurance Forum. The findings were detailed in a white paper titled “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Insurance: Advancing Ideas into Action.” These learnings set the tone for how the insurance industry can progress DEI, innovation and wellness initiatives for a more productive, healthier and inclusive workplace.

Source: IICF | Published on September 21, 2021

IICF holds regional forums in June

The white paper defines and discusses actionable items from the sessions around the conference’s themes of: Diversity, equity and inclusion; wellness and the future of work.

Identified in the report is a commonality among industry professionals that all voices must be heard, and all people must be encouraged to contribute to a successful future. A broad range of views from across industries, specialties and geographies are represented and highlighted in this white paper, including chief diversity, inclusion and accessibility professionals, top insurance industry executives and wellness experts from the US, UK, France and more. These leaders share ideas around advancing diversity and inclusion during a time of renewed focus, on creating space to concentrate on mental health and wellness, as well as on looking to the current workforce to understand the future of work.

“In a year known for its trials and challenges related to COVID-19, natural disasters, social unrest and more, it was more important than ever to convene the insurance industry to discuss critical topics and identify actionable steps to continue to move the industry forward,” said IICF Vice President, Chief Program Officer and Executive Director, Northeast Division, Elizabeth Myatt. “This report showcases the progress that has been made and more expansive definition of diversity and delivers the next steps individuals and companies can and should consider to continue advancing ideas into action.”

Other important takeaways and learnings highlighted in the report, include the following:

  • To be successful and intentional, DEI must be interwoven into everything an organization does.
  • The industry is at an inflection point; employers must recognize the importance of investing in human capital and championing DEI.
  • On average, companies with diverse management teams experienced a 19 percent increase in revenue compared to less diverse companies.
  • Today’s employees are looking for companies to share their passions and values and promote work-life balance.

To view the full white paper please click here.

Registration will open shortly for IICF’s 2022 IICF Inclusion in Insurance Regional Forums in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and London, where the exploration of critical life and work issues including DEI, innovation, leadership, wellness and the future of inclusive work will continue. Registration and information regarding these events to be available soon at:

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