Risk Strategies Launches Cyber Resolute, Transforms Traditional Cyber Liability Risk Management

Risk Strategies, a privately held, rapidly growing national insurance brokerage and risk management firm, today announced Cyber Resolute, an exclusive offering that combines cutting-edge technology with smarter processes and specialized coverage to reduce exposure, costs and potential liability in an ever-changing threat landscape.

Source: Risk Strategies | Published on October 21, 2019

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Easily tailored to specific client circumstances, Cyber Resolute is an advanced risk mitigation platform powered by Arceo.ai data analytics technology and backed by insurance underwritten through an exclusive partnership with Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions, a Berkley Company. The platform’s peer benchmarking data, analytics and artificial intelligence provide real-time awareness and understanding of potential security deficiencies and prioritizes recommended fixes. These deeper insights then make it simpler to secure market leading, straightforward coverage at an affordable price.

“Guarding against cyber threats and their associated costs is a dynamic problem requiring a smarter, more holistic approach,” said Robert H. Rosenzweig, Risk Strategies' National Cyber Risk Practice Leader. “By teaming up with Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions and Arceo.ai, we can help clients lower their risk profile while simultaneously improving the quality and reducing the cost of their cyber risk coverage.”

Available to companies with up to $250 million in annual sales, Cyber Resolute delivers industry-leading proprietary coverage and 24/7 access to best-in-class cyber response forensics and legal teams.

“Underwriting cyber risk is a process that needs to be carefully aligned with your targeted market segment, regardless of whether you are an enterprise or SME,” said Steve Krusko, Chief Underwriting Officer at Berkley Cyber Risk Solutions. “We are delighted to be partnering with Risk Strategies and Arceo.ai to successfully grow our cyber line of business.”

Arceo.ai, the industry-leading cyber insurance and analytics platform, enables Cyber Resolute to deliver rich analytics that provide accurate and actionable insights by applying data science to internal and externally generated data to spot and prioritize security deficiencies. With better data, clients can make better decisions to tackle risks and improve their security profile and insurability.

“Actionable insight is vital for both insurers and their clients when trying to understand their respective risks and how to mitigate them,” said Ben Beeson, Head of Insurance at Arceo.ai. “We’re excited to be selected as the engine of insight and understanding for Cyber Resolute and believe it represents an important new way for companies to address cyber risk and cyber coverage.”

Beyond clear insight, Cyber Resolute provides resources for clients to proactively improve their risk profile and effectively respond to cyber issues and incidents. Cyber Resolute’s built-in vendor partnerships from IT to legal makes it simple to engage best-in-class resources to address identified deficiencies or respond quickly and effectively to incidents.

Cyber Resolute is available now through the Risk Strategies national cyber risk practice. To learn more, visit risk-strategies.com/cyberresolute or email cyber@risk-strategies.com.

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