Welcome to the New ProgramBusiness.com

As you can see, we have a whole new look for the Daily NewsFlash -- and that's just the beginning! ProgramBusiness.com, after nearly 20 years since its launch as a game changer in connecting the retail and wholesale communities, has released a new brand and digital platform.

Source: Neilson | Published on August 26, 2018

The new brand features a clean logo reflecting the new user experience MGAs, wholesalers, program administrators, vendors, carriers and agents will find on the totally revamped platform with a tagline that says it all: “Let’s write insurance.” The new website delivers an intuitive user experience with a proprietary robust search feature for insurance agents to find the markets they’re looking for quickly, and leverages SEO for optimized storefronts that function as mini-sites for carriers, MGAs, wholesalers, program administrators, vendors and carriers to promote their programs and business lines.

“We’re very excited about launching our new platform,” said CEO Larry Neilson of Neilson Marketing Services, parent company of ProgramBusiness.com.

“Since 1999, more than $2 billion in premium has been written through our platform and over 25 acquisitions have been facilitated as a result of the growth MGAs realized using programbusiness.com. The platform has also been a goldmine for vendors in the P&C space that provide software, billing and custom rating services, to name a few. Today we have more than 750 optimized product pages showcasing various lines of insurance with thousands of independent agents searching and finding the markets they need to write new accounts and renew business. With our new platform, this will expand significantly,” noted Larry. “Agents are able to access the ProgramBusiness.com at the office, while out on on appointment, and on the go to find the markets they need and write the account.”

The new ProgramBusiness.com has many new features and capabilities for both storefronts and agents, representing a substantial investment in development during the last 18 months. You can learn more about ProgramBusiness.com and the new platform at www.programbusiness.com.

About Neilson Marketing Services

Neilson Marketing Services, parent company of ProgramBusiness.com, has been a leader in providing the insurance industry with marketing services for 30 years. Our best-in-class, advanced products help support agents, wholesalers, carriers and vendors in their goals to target specific niche markets and coverage lines. www.neilsonmarketing.com