West Point Launches InsurTest

West Point Insurance Services, a provider of specialized technology solutions for the insurance industry, today announced the launch of InsurTest, a testing and automation service specifically designed for small to mid-size insurance carriers, managing general agents and program administrators.

Source: West Point | Published on September 8, 2020

InsurTest features a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) program that eliminates project delays and errors without draining budgets or overburdening in-house staff, and an automated regression testing program to eliminate manual steps and redundant processes — without requiring insurers to make costly system replacements.

“While large insurers usually have the resources to make sure testing is done right, this is not always true for small to mid-size carriers and MGAs who often face cost and time pressures or use third-party testers who lack either the domain knowledge or testing expertise,” said Doug Vatter, President of West Point Insurance Services. “InsurTest was developed to help smaller insurers reduce errors and delays, increase speed to market and scale rapidly.”

According to Vatter, the company developed and refined the testing software behind InsurTest over 20 years as part of the business process outsourcing (BPO) services it provided to insurance clients nationwide. Now, the company is rolling it out as a stand-alone service, which is independent of its BOP services, to serve the small to mid-size insurers who need it most.

“The difference is our experienced testing experts who not only understand the processes, laws and intricacies of insurance, but also have a rich repository of test cases and scripts that have been developed, tested and deployed over two decades,” Vatter said.

UAT includes:

  • Comprehensive product testing, including gap analyses and system planning,implementation and monitoring.
  • Test strategy and cases built by insurance industry experts
  • Repeatable testing to keep projects moving
  • Multi-perspective testing to measure robustness, usability and compatibility
  • Regression testing features a suite of software that automates rating, billing, analysis,collaboration and business processes.

The software:

  • Runs test scripts on client schedules (even on nights and weekends)
  • Spreads scripts across multiple servers
  • Provides easy-to-read results
  • Delivers at-a-glance metrics (results, usage and trends) and identifies potential problems

About West Point Insurance Services

West Point Insurance Services (https://www.westpointuw.com/) deploys specialized technology to solve operational and compliance issues for insurance carriers and MGAs without expensive system replacements. Founded in 1999 as West Point Underwriters, the company has a deep bench of testing, automation and BPO experience and expertise in the property casualty insurance industry, delivering customized software and business processing solutions on time and on budget.