SES Single Family Rental Program – Individual Asset


Instant Landlord Insurance Policy for Individual Rental Properties (1-4 Unit Dwellings)


QUBIE: Quote. Bind. Issue. Endorse. (“Q-Bee”)

Powered by SES Risk Solutions, QUBIE provides the speed, efficiency, and coverage
investors need. QUBIE is built on leading-edge technology and 30 years of industry
insight, unlocking a world of possibilities. Quote and bind policies instantly, while gaining
access to coverage that is custom-built for individual rental properties.



Program Highlights

  • Coverage in all states, except, CT, FL, HI, MA, NJ, NY, and PA
  • NO REFERRALS – Quote, bind, and issue autonomously
  • Speed up your investor’s acquisition
  • Avoid cumbersome manual property data entry
  • Online application completed in less than 5 minutes
  • Tenant screening required
  • Get an instant indication with only a street address

Coverage Highlights

  • Comprehensive coverage tailored to residential investors
  • Multiple deductible options: $2.5K, $5K, $10K
  • “A” rated carriers and lender compliant
  • Escrow and ACH billing enabled
  • Backed by A-rated carrier
  • Pets are OK (non-vicious breeds)

Target Customers

  • Single-family rentals with 1-4 units per location
  • Long-term rentals only, not short-term rentals
  • Supports individuals, corporations, and LLCs


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