Contractors’ Choice of Pioneer Programs Partners with HMI, FrontLine to Enhance Builder Warranties, Reduce Litigation

Pioneer Programs Insurance Solutions, LLC, announced new exclusive partnerships with leading home warranty companies HMI, Inc. and FrontLine Response, LLC to provide superior warranty service and support to policyholders of its flagship program Contractors’ Choice.

Source: Pioneer Programs | Published on October 4, 2018

Through the partnerships, Contractors’ Choice, designed specifically to meet the unique needs of general contractors and developers, will now offer the services of HMI (Home Maintenance & Inspection) and FrontLine to provide homebuyer warranty concierge service, as well as a warranty outreach program that will complement their insurance programs.

“We are thrilled to announce this unique partnership among Pioneer Programs, HMI and FrontLine,” said Carole Fleischman, chief executive officer of Pioneer Programs. “Home builders are setting aside hundreds of millions of dollars each year to address litigation and many of these cases are due to misunderstandings. With the help of HMI and FrontLine, Contractors’ Choice policyholders can be confident their homebuyers understand their warranties before their frustration translates to litigation.”

With the new partnership, Contractors’ Choice policyholders will have access to 24/7 maintenance service provided through HMI. HMI services are designed to remove the burden of warranty responsibilities from the builder at the walk through and then assist the buyer in understanding his or her warranty throughout its duration. HMI explains the required maintenance of the home to the buyers and ensures that any necessary warranty work is completed to the homebuyers’ satisfaction in a timely manner.

The partnership with FrontLine provides Contractors’ Choice policyholders the support of a warranty outreach program designed to provide qualified personnel to interact with homeowners and HOAs that might be dissatisfied with their warranty service. FrontLine provides a representative on behalf of the warranty and home builder to help the homebuyer navigate the warranty process. Services include proactive in-home visits to homeowners and HOAs to clarify questions regarding maintenance repairs vs. warranty repairs, as well as reactive assistance to help homeowners and builders resolve issues after litigation has been filed. Services are
available for single-family and multi-family dwellings.
“We expect these new partnerships will lead to reduced claims and litigation – positives for the home builders and the insurance carrier,” said Fleischman. “At the same time, the warranty services can be conveniently bundled in a cost-effective package and marketed by insurance agents and brokers who want to offer their customers a superior program for builders’ risks.”
Pioneer Programs Insurance Solutions, LLC
Pioneer Programs Insurance Solutions, LLC is an insurance program administrator that builds and underwrites custom packages for certain industry segments. Its flagship program, Contractors’ Choice, was created in 1996. Based in Pasadena, Pioneer Programs has relationships with top industry carriers, including Lloyds of London. In administering each program, Pioneer Programs places a strong focus on loss control employing sophisticated risk management tools and forensic risk management that assist in assessing risks and helping
policyholders mitigate those risks.