Zurich Partners with Insurtech Greater Than

Zurich Insurance UK has partnered with insurtech firm Greater Than to implement Greater Than’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based, digital risk assessment platform on the entire Sixt car fleet in Ireland.

Source: Intelligent Insurer | Published on November 16, 2018

Zurich, Switzerland - August 30, 2013: Logo of the Zurich insurance company on the rooftop of the group's headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

The user-based, digital risk assessment and fleet management solution is expected to increase safety and reward a safe driving behavior, enabled through technology from Greater Than that uses AI, machine learning and Big Data to calculate and price risk in real-time.

Greater Than and its AI-based platform Enerfy offers real-time risk profiling and individual premium pricing for auto insurance. The firm has established several insurance solutions in Northern Europe and Asia.

“We are continuously looking for innovative solutions that can enhance our business processes, and this AI-based tech platform is of great value for that advancement,” said Darren Stoddart, senior underwriter, emerging motor risks at Zurich Insurance.

“Influencing drivers to drive safer is essential to us and this is another good example of thinking outside the box”, Stoddart added.